What are the best browsers of this moment? A few new tips that you can use with a good webbrowser

What are the best browsers of this moment? A few new tips that you can use with a good webbrowser

While many mainstream browsers offer the fastest and most comprehensive search services available, some of them fall short when it comes to privacy and security. In this article, we’ll talk about browsers that may not be as well-known, but make up for it with the best protection with NordVPN Indonesia.


Firefox may be familiar to most who have been surfing the Internet since the mid-2000s, but many post-millennials probably haven’t heard of this browser in any relevant context. Firefox has a level of security comparable to Chrome, especially with the introduction of the new quantum engine.

  • Founded by the non-profit organization Mozilla, Firefox offers a distinct difference from Chrome in that it does not use Internet history to make money by bombarding you with customized ads. This not only ensures security, but it also reduces the number of ads on your screen.
  • Canvas fingerprinting is mainly used as an alternative to cookies, and it does not specifically identify individual users, but focuses on the browser and operating system. This fingerprinting, which is most commonly used, is greatly hindered by Firefox’s off-the-shelf security systems. This makes Firefox a highly desirable replacement for your current main browser with NordVPN review @ Japan.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser has a few similarities to Firefox. Namely, it uses some of the baseline security features that Firefox has used to successfully differentiate itself from mainstream web browsers and aims to reach the more tech-savvy and security-conscious online crowd. However, there are some differences.

  • One of the main features of Tor Browser is the use of HTTPS Everywhere, which was actually created by The Tor Project in collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This was to overcome the limited ability to encrypt HTTPS that other sites offered, making Tor Browser more well-known.
  • Another distinguishing feature Tor Browser has to offer is the integration of Disconnect.me as their basic search engine, which earned accolades from many experts in the field. All this and more makes Tor Browser a good competitor that our usual browsers will have to deal with den bästa VPN @ Sverige.


As the name suggests, Waterfox uses the basic principles of Firefox and offers a relatively simple, but also streamlined, browser. Since the release of the 56.0.4 version in February 2018, there have been no further updates and no updates are expected for the foreseeable future.